Plush Puppy Dilution Rates


At Plush Puppy we have a professional range of products that is suited to you and your dogs needs. When using Plush Puppy grooming products we highly suggest following the recommended dilution rates for the best grooming results.

Here at Plush Puppy our team have a vast and extensive knowledge of each product. With our passion and expertise we can provide thourough advice on grooming and coat care so you can achieve consistant results. Achieving consistant results for your champion also involves correct dilutation rates, which can be found on the back of Plush Puppy products. All products are of high concentration which means your dog is getting the quality product it needs to shine.

For example you can have 2 litter mates, one has a large, soft coat, the other a normal and slightly harsher texture. Having two different coats meants two different dilution rates. The dog with the large and soft coat would have a dilution rate for 1 part conditioner to 20 parts water. Whereas the normal and slightly harsher coat would have a dilution rate of 1 part conditioner to 10 parts water. Correct dilution rate allows for an even application over the coat to produce consistant coat care for your dog.

Our Plush Puppy dilution rates also allows no wastage of product and saves you money. Nothing is worse than "Oh, I think I missed this bit and got too much on that bit" with a 3/4 dried dog. A handy tip is to to keep a record of your customised dilution rate of each Plush Puppy product. This will allow you to use this as a reference for a particular coat stage and the ability to recognise it in other coats.

At Plush Puppy we thrive on providing you with the best grooming range and education. Using Plush Puppy dilution rates allows you to achieve the results that you desire to keep your dog in the spotlight.